Locker-style Dresser is finally done! 0 comments

May 5, 2015 |
Silas’s dresser went to the curb about a month ago, of course without having a replacement dresser. So he had nowhere to go with his clothes for the last month, and you can imagine what that looked like. I saw a plan on Ana White's blog for a Dumpster Dresser made out of 2 by 4s and figured it looked solid enough to withstand an F-4 tornado, or Silas, whichever came first. It is officially tornado season here in Nebraska...

Now wouldn’t it be ironic if our house did get demolished by a tornado and this dresser was the only thing left standing? Don’t laugh, it’s happened before. You’ve heard the stories about the toilet or the front door, or even the dinner plates left on the kitchen table while the entire rest of the house is completely gone…

Anyhow, we made some major modifications to the plan and ended up with a solid piece of furniture that will hopefully last the kid quite a few years. My favorite part is that there are no rails. Any parent who has had the lucky task of repairing and replacing drawer rails can feel my pain. We even built in a secret compartment (shhhh) into one of the drawers.

A coat of navy blue and metallic latex and it’s finished!
Moving on!

Red, White & Blue Wedding Invitations 1 comment

Nov 14, 2014 | ,

Sarah contacted me about designing the invitations for her 1940’s military-themed wedding. She knew she wanted a Red, White + Blue design, something with a suggestion of military, but not over-the-top. I designed up a simple invitation and rsvp card using what I would consider to be 40s-style fonts. Just a hint of military, but not too much.

I decided to go with a heavyweight linen duplex paper from Mohawk - navy blue on one side and white on the reverse. The invitations were screen printed using red and white ink.

A vellum wrap featuring a vintage photo of the U.S.S. Midway from the 1940’s keeps the suite neatly packaged. These were printed using a difficult (at least difficult to me!) technique - printing the photograph on one side, then screen printing a distressed white background on the reverse side.

Modern Country Wedding Invitations 1 comment

Aug 19, 2014 | ,
Brittany is as casual a bride as they come. She knew she wanted coral and gold, and that was all she knew. The wedding was to be held in a pasture, with guests arriving by horse and carriage. The reception was to be held in an old barn, with wildflowers and tin buckets and anything rustic you could think of. Needless to say it was beautiful, and rustic and just plain fun. Two sets of invitations had to be printed: one invitation had to be for guests of the reception only, and the other, a more formal invitation (this one), was for guests invited to the ceremony.

Everything was screen printed using a glitter gold ink and a custom coral color that Brittany chose. The invitations were then folded and sealed with a custom gold sticker stating “Gettin’ Hitched!”

The gold glitter ink was just phenomenal to work with. Love the crisp, clean edges.

The envelopes had each address screenprinted on individually using white ink and a couple of western fonts. The return address was also screenprinted on the back flap using white ink.

Navy Blue + Kraft Wedding Invites 0 comments

Apr 7, 2014 | ,
Thanks again to Ashli and Caden for allowing me the opportunity to create their wedding invitations!
I had so much fun creating this rustic suite that will nicely compliment the theme of their wedding {navy + ivory, burlap, lace and mason jars among other very cool things!}. Ashli and I both liked the look and feel of brown Kraft paper, so I decided to screenprint the suite using navy and ivory inks on kraft paper for the invites, and a navy blue linen for the cover of the booklet.

Talk about labor-intensive, but it was well worth it! In addition to the main 5 x 7 invitation, a little booklet was included that contained all the wedding details, including ceremony and reception information, a simple fold-out map, rsvp and registry information. The booklet was wrapped in a lovely navy paper that I screenprinted with ivory ink, then was tied together with burlap threads. I just heard from the mother of the bride that the invitations have been successfully mailed and are on their way!

Surprise Party Hand-drawn Invite 0 comments

Dec 11, 2013 | ,
Ok, so let’s just forget about the 30 projects in 30 days megaflop.

On to bigger and better things.

Like hand-drawn invitations.

Junktoberfest 2013 0 comments

Nov 6, 2013 | , ,
All loaded up!

Here we are all set up and ready to go. A mob of crazy women was lingering just outside the door. We had just taken bets on what would be the first to go. I put my money on the ladder + crows…

If you look really closely, you can see a tear in Mary’s eye. Oh, why, Oh, why, will nobody buy, will nobody buy, the ladder and crows?!? She blows her nose. Who really knows, why someone bought those, but nobody chose, the ladder and crows.
Our new friend back there. She gave us lots and lots and lots of good advice. And then she gave us the eye for not charging more on some of our stuff.

Pa waving good-bye. See ya later McCook! It’s been fun!

Book Cover: Killer Sleepover 0 comments

Nov 5, 2013 |
Eddie and I started working on this cover for his book “Killer Sleepover” during the summer as the book was in the final editing stage. It’s now officially 100% done and off to the publisher today!!! Happy birthday to me! Yippee!

Here is the original sketch. No sketch was needed for the back cover. That was done entirely in Photoshop.

Should be a good read. I can’t wait to get my hands on a copy. I think it will only be available online, so you’ll have to be sure and check it out!