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Aug 19, 2014 | ,
Brittany is as casual a bride as they come. She knew she wanted coral and gold, and that was all she knew. The wedding was to be held in a pasture, with guests arriving by horse and carriage. The reception was to be held in an old barn, with wildflowers and tin buckets and anything rustic you could think of. Needless to say it was beautiful, and rustic and just plain fun. Two sets of invitations had to be printed: one invitation had to be for guests of the reception only, and the other, a more formal invitation (this one), was for guests invited to the ceremony.

Everything was screen printed using a glitter gold ink and a custom coral color that Brittany chose. The invitations were then folded and sealed with a custom gold sticker stating “Gettin’ Hitched!”

The gold glitter ink was just phenomenal to work with. Love the crisp, clean edges.

The envelopes had each address screenprinted on individually using white ink and a couple of western fonts. The return address was also screenprinted on the back flap using white ink.

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