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May 5, 2015 |
Silas’s dresser went to the curb about a month ago, of course without having a replacement dresser. So he had nowhere to go with his clothes for the last month, and you can imagine what that looked like. I saw a plan on Ana White's blog for a Dumpster Dresser made out of 2 by 4s and figured it looked solid enough to withstand an F-4 tornado, or Silas, whichever came first. It is officially tornado season here in Nebraska...

Now wouldn’t it be ironic if our house did get demolished by a tornado and this dresser was the only thing left standing? Don’t laugh, it’s happened before. You’ve heard the stories about the toilet or the front door, or even the dinner plates left on the kitchen table while the entire rest of the house is completely gone…

Anyhow, we made some major modifications to the plan and ended up with a solid piece of furniture that will hopefully last the kid quite a few years. My favorite part is that there are no rails. Any parent who has had the lucky task of repairing and replacing drawer rails can feel my pain. We even built in a secret compartment (shhhh) into one of the drawers.

A coat of navy blue and metallic latex and it’s finished!
Moving on!

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