About Me

To sit down and write something about myself is incredibly daunting. I’ve led myself to believe that whatever I write must be profound and insightful. You will find nothing profound here, though on occasion you may find something insightful. I’m an at-home-mom living amongst the fields and prairies of Nebraska, and I’ve spent the last 14 years teaching, training, bandaging, creating with, playing with and caring for my three kids. And in the few (& wee) hours in between, I’ve managed to be a freelance graphic designer. I’ve found in the last couple of years that I’m most happy when I’m creating.

I sometimes feel, though, that in those 14 years I have managed to lose my sense of self. Oh, it’s really not as bleak as it seems, but there are days when I do wonder how it happened. I don’t think it was an overnight process. I think to lose yourself requires many years. Many wrong choices and wasted opportunities. This blog is my journal — my untold story of finding my way back to me. How a gal who used to be as unique as they come, lost her creativity and set off to find it again.