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Ok, Dad, this one’s for you. Well, not really, but you’ll get a kick out of this. You know that table you brought me, the one you got for $1? Well, Tim insisted I put it upstairs in my office. I said “I will but only until I see what it looks like first.” So we put it together and afterwards I just stood there looking at it’s awkwardness. What a strange table. There was no way I was going to put that thing in my office. So Tim got mad at me and in dismay I dismembered the table right there on the spot. Oh what a lovely day.

Can’t say I regret it, though, after the things I’ve been making with the lumber.

I had this idea quite a while ago, to cut acorn shapes out of wood and write some Thanksgiving sayings on them. { I did try this idea last year, but it just didn’t pan out. I think the lumber wasn’t right. This time, I had a whole arsenal of distressed wood on my side, and woo-hoo, does it make a difference! }
I gotta say, these have been the most fun things to make so far. I love love love doing hand-lettering. I had to bring my white Signmaker’s enamel out of retirement, but it was well worth it.

Crazy thing? What you’re seeing is what used to be the underside of the table. These nifty little acorns are reversible. The flip side is blank, but with the nice deep mahogany color that used to be the top of the table. Reversible fall acorns. There you have it!

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