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Sep 23, 2013 | , ,
I found this shallow wall shelf at a garage sale over the summer for $2. It was kind of ugly, but I knew it had potential, I just didn’t know what. So it pretty much sat by the back door for a couple of months while everybody tripped over it and cursed at it.

Though very functional, it was still kind of plain, so I decided to add a crown piece at the top. That was kind of a challenge because there was really nothing to screw to. Lots of glue and 4 screws later, it was firmly attached.
A couple of coats of vintage kitchen green, some distressing and there you have it. It doesn’t look like it in the pic, but it’s actually quite big — 26" x 26".

Wouldn’t this be great as a display cabinet for old thread spools?
I’m going to have a hard time parting with this one, but, on the bright side I made a woodworking plan for it in case I decide to build one myself someday.

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