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Apr 24, 2013 |
A couple of weeks ago, Emma came to me and said she wanted to start a blog. She wasn’t really sure what the blog was going to be about, just that it had to involve books. { STOP. For those of you who don’t know Emma, she loves books. Loves, loves, loves them. } After days of brainstorming and creative name picking, she came up with Primrose & Ivy. Yes. I know the name doesn’t say anything about books — but — on further investigation it actually does. Primrose? Katniss’ sister in the Hunger Games. Ivy? The witch’s home in the forest of Fablehaven. Primrose & Ivy. I like it.

She then came to me with her list of requirements for the logo.
1. It had to be turquoise and green, her favorite colors.
2. The “O” in Primrose had to be a primrose flower.
3. There had to be some sort of ivy on the word ivy.

Geez, for an 11-year-old you’re kind of demanding.

Just kidding, Emma. It only seemed fitting to create a hand-lettered logo. Computer-set type would have been too stuffy and uptight. Not what we wanted. The letters were hand-drawn, scanned, imported into Adobe Illustrator and manually traced using the pen tool. Color was also added in Illustrator. I may import it into Photoshop and mess around with some distressing filters when I get a chance. But for now I like it. Good luck, Emma. Let the blogging begin.

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