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Mar 4, 2013 |
I always wish I would have kept a journal while I was growing up. I could read it now: “Saturday, June 15th, 1977. Dear Journal, I just rode down to the store on my pink Huffy bike. I had my bag of pennies with me and all I could buy was this can of Garbage Can-dy. But that’s all right. I’ll eat it while me and the neighbor kids are working on the rubber band ball. Bye.” Oh, the memories.

Emma is the kind of kid who takes her journal everywhere. She loves to write. Her last journal fell to pieces after she got about halfway through the book. I picked her up another one, aka this one, at the dollar store for $2.

It’s hard to imagine, but underneath that bright, energetic fabric is a boring, black, two dollar journal. She’s really into bright green right now, and I was lucky enough to come across this print at a small fabric store. The fabric was a medium canvas-weight, which to me was ideal.

I used both modern and vintage fabrics to make a scrappy flower with a button center.

I personalized the journal using a short length of 1/2" cotton twill tape, my inkjet printer and a fabric transfer sheet from Avery.

A hidden snap enclosure under the flower allows Emma to securely close her journal when she’s not using it, helping to keep the pages and the binding intact.

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