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I like to give my handmade soap away to friends and family, but simply handing them an unwrapped bar or two seems, well, uncivilized. So lately I’ve been exploring unique but simple ways to package up bars of soap and I have come up with some easy and some not so easy ideas.

If you are lucky enough to be able to go to garage sales, chances are you will someday meet a nice old lady who has a box of wrapping paper scraps for sale. I’ve come across many boxes in the last few years, and each has been a treasure trove of vintage papers from the 40s, 50s and 60s. These bits and pieces are usually just the right size for packaging up single pieces of soap. Tie them up with string, put on a little tag and you’ve got yourself a very unique and inexpensive packaging idea.

This soap packaging is a little more advanced, but can still be relatively inexpensive. Using some old muslin scraps I had on hand, I made a quick box bag just a little bit larger than the bar of soap, then tied up the top with plain string. The letters were hand-stamped using an old child’s stamp set I found at a flea market. I thought this idea would also work very well with vintage ticking or even an old floral pillow case.

If you need to package up more than one bar of soap, you can make these simple boxes using heavy scrapbook paper or colored cardstock. These specific boxes I made can hold three smaller bars of soap. Print round labels onto adhesive sheets using bold + simple graphics, cut out and attach to the flap of the box.

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