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Aug 19, 2012
Welcome to the newest member of our family -- a little puppy temporarily named Wilbur. WIIILLLLL-BUR! We adopted him from a farm family a few miles from here. The story goes, late one night last week they heard something crying in their hog barn. The daughter wasn’t sure what it was, so she went out to investigate and there just inside the door was a puppy. They’re positive he was abandoned, as he was very thin and very scared. We just happened to be working there the day after they found him and told them we would adopt him if the owner didn’t come forward, which, fortunately for us, they didn’t. So yesterday we brought him home and everyone is having a ball! Miss Abigail Mae slept in the garage with him last night (don’t freak out, Grandma) and he slept by her the whole night. Now we just need to come up with a new name for the little guy. Does he remind you of anybody?

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Mary Koci said...

Oh what a beautiful doggy, Grandpa thought it was Libby!! He's adorable and I wouldn't care if all 3 kids slept in the garage to take care of him!! It's about time they had a pet besides those chickens!!

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