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Jun 3, 2013 | , ,

I had my fortune told during our family vacation in Branson a couple of weeks ago and it said not once, not twice, but three times I would find treasure at a garage sale, flea market or in a dusty old attic. It said to look specifically for objects of metal. I must have taken it to heart because it seems that almost everything I came home with from Saturday’s garage sales was made of metal. Did I really think there was a hidden money compartment in that old bread pan? No, not really. But it was fun thinking about it for a while. 

I found a couple of old passports for 25¢. I didn’t really stop to look at them at the time, but simply grabbed them and left. I didn’t know what was inside, but I knew I was intrigued. Abigail and I sat down and thumbed through them this morning. Turns out they were issued during the time of the Vietnam War, in the late 60s. This guy, who the passports belonged to, was allowed in and out of Vietnam during a time when travel was restricted to the country. Government agent? Defense? Military? Don’t know. Either way, for 25¢, they were a cool find.

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