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Feb 19, 2013 | , ,
I found a large bag of { state bird } embroidered quilt blocks at a junk store a few months ago. A cultured buyer would have plopped themselves down right there and counted out the squares to make sure there were 50. But no, not me. I took one look at the price, grabbed the bag, ran to the nearest cash register, and drove away as fast as I could. I got them for a steal. After I got home, well, I realized why I had gotten them for a steal. There were only 40 quilt blocks. Alas. So what does one do with 40 {not 50} state quilt blocks? Find them another purpose, of course!

Wouldn’t these be absolutely charming as wedding favors at a country-themed wedding?

Hand-embroidered quilt blocks, such as these, can be fairly easy {and fairly inexpensive!} to find, especially if they are not a full set.

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